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Meet Gabriella Cuadra, a dear friend of the Plant Matter Kitchen community.

Gabriella was introduced to the vegan lifestyle by a friend. After being sick for 17 days, she began a vegan diet, and says, “I noticed right away that I wasn’t weak anymore.”

It’s been four years since that illness, and she’s been vegan ever since.

Her favourite vegan dish? Caesar Salad. This was her favourite dish before becoming a vegan, and it’s still her favourite dish now—thanks to Plant Matter Kitchen’s recipe. “I was just amazed at the quality and the texture of the Caesar salad,” says Gabriella, “it’s amazing!”


What advice do you have for people new to veganism?

Gabriella’s first piece of advice: “be creative and patient with yourself when it comes to finding things to eat.” Keeping on top of research keeps you motivated. She also advises people to “look for those who have gone through the same things,” as they can offer the best advice and support. Meditation and focusing on the beauty of Mother Nature—green grass, trees, flowers, and animals—can help us better appreciate what we have in life, she adds.

What has been your greatest sense of accomplishment since becoming vegan?

“I think it would be the fact that I know I’m doing the right thing,” Gabriella says. She’s an animal lover and takes pride in helping and motivating others in their journey toward veganism. “It’s truly an amazing privilege for me,” she says.

How has PMK been a source of inspiration in your vegan journey?

“I was thrilled when I found out about the restaurant, especially since it’s so close to where I live. I was jumping for joy and happiness,” she says. “I truly appreciate the PMK team and support them for their amazing creative meals. They’re so delicious, healthy, and cruelty free. Plant Matter Kitchen’s menu has helped me think of ideas on my own and allowed me to enjoy cooking and have fun with it.”

What does your grocery list typically include?

When it comes to veggies—all things green! And when it comes to fruits—the more colourful, the better!

Gabriella’s grocery list typically consists of: kale, spinach, lettuce, mushrooms, celery, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, carrots (the natural ones from the ground, not from the bag), green peppers, sweet potato, and fruits of all colours—especially different colour apples. “I don’t get processed juice,” she explains, “I rather make my own juice and smoothies at home, and at times, I make my own almond milk.”

What is a common misconception about veganism?

Like many vegans, Gabriella admits that she often hears people say that vegans don’t get enough protein or nutrients. Debunking this myth, Gabrielle tells us: “But for me, I know different. I know I’m not only saving the animals, but I’m also saving myself.” Confident in her vegan journey, Gabriella is eager about educating those who truly want to change their diet and lifestyle on the truths about veganism and animal cruelty.

Are there any vegan role models you seek inspiration from?

In the beginning, Gabriella looked up FullyRaw Kristina. From there, she gathered her own ideas and began learning about animal cruelty; “that was truly an awakening point for me. I thought, how is it possible for humans to treat animals with such cruelty. What if it was the other way around? How would humans feel?” These moments of reflection were life-changing for Gabriella: “I prayed and promised myself I would never turn back.”

How do you share your veganism with the community?

Gabriella speaks to others about veganism and animal cruelty, such as what happens in factory farming. She uses Instagram, Facebook, and email to communicate with people. “I do as much as I can,” says Gabriella, “to spread the word to people around the world and in my community about veganism.”


For Gabriella, veganism is all about doing the right thing, being balanced, enjoying colourful fruits, appreciating nature, fighting against animal cruelty, and so much more.

From her experiences as a vegan to the path that brought her to where she is today, what her grocery list consists of, and what she’s doing to educate others on this ethical, natural, organic lifestyle… Gabriella’s story is a true inspiration to anyone looking to change their lifestyle and explore the path of veganism.

Thank you Gabriella, for being such a motivational voice in our community!

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