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Plant Matter Kitchen

A plant-based restaurant and juice bar, Plant Matter Kitchen serves organic, delicious, plant-based meals—the kind of food we serve our families! From revamped familiar favourites to global flavours—and everything in between—Plant Matter Kitchen creates whole food meals with no artificial ingredients. No scary additives. Nothing processed. No chemicals. Just good, organic, meals made from healthy and delicious real food.

plant matter kitchen brunch

Plant Matter Kitchen Co-Founders

healthy eating options

Food that is good for the body, good for the community, and good for the planet.


Healthy Eating Options

Food that is good for the body, good for the community, and good for planet

Let’s eat better. Let’s choose local and organic. Let’s choose better quality ingredients and food cultivated on farms, in the sun, and in nature. Let’s say no to pesticides, chemicals, extra plastic, and needless waste. Let’s rid our food and the environment of toxins, and let’s choose to sustain rather than to diminish. Let’s choose to align our actions with our values. Let’s choose compassion for ourselves, our families, our communities, and for every being on our planet. Let’s start making better choices, and let’s start with our next meal. Let’s put good food first.

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Message From PMK Team

The PMK team is made up of a diverse group of like-minded, engaged, collaborative, passionate problem-solving and storytelling individuals from various backgrounds with a variety of food philosophies, working together to make delicious local, organic, and vegan food every single day. At PMK, meals are a collaborative effort: we work together to suggest, cook, taste-test, tweak, and assemble until ingredients and flavours come together to create a meal that every single one of us is proud to serve.

We’re cooking up something great! Our food is more than just a vegan meal…it’s a movement. And every single one of us is participating. Together, we’re not only creating and serving great meals, but we’re also nurturing a network of partnerships to bring together companies, suppliers, producers, farmers, and other groups with similar food visions and ethos under a single roof to provide a comprehensive vegan dining experience.

We’re passionate about the food we serve—about where it comes from and how it gets to your plate. We’re passionate about not only serving you a great meal, but about serving a meal that represents a vegan, local, and organic philosophy brought to life.

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