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It conditions soils and makes for healthier, happier plants and vegetation.
Compost is decomposed organic matter made from leaves and kitchen trimmings (veggies, herbs, and fruits). It produces microscopic bacteria and fungi that enriches plant soil with rich, natural nutrients and promotes soil microbes that aid in plant growth.


On a daily basis, we do our part in keeping the earth green, the air clean, the water healthy, and our carbon footprint to a minimum by:

  • Serving vegan, organic, GMO-free food that never contributes to pollution in the manner of factory farms
  • Powering our facility with 100% green electricity from Bullfrog Power
  • Using a reverse-osmosis water filtration system
  • Stocking the kitchen with ingredients from local vendors
  • Selling PMK-branded tanks & tees printed on fabric from the Canadian company Jerico, made from 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton
  • Using only VSC-free paint on the walls
  • Composting—which allows PMK to divert about 40% of the waste generated at the eatery from landfills!


Village Compost Service has been in operation for 5 years and has been working with Plant Matter Kitchen for almost one year now.
We chatted with Jessica Robertson, of Village Compost Service and Wild Craft Permaculture, about the incredible ways in which she is helping Plant Matter Kitchen achieve a cleaner, greener footprint.
Every week, Village Compost picks up six 80 L bins from Plant Matter Kitchen—that’s over 150 kg (330 lbs) in waste, all of which is diverted from landfills!
Village Compost collects green waste (food) and brown waste (carbon) from the eatery, including: paper towels, take out containers (made from recyclable and compostable paper), soil medium from the spouts, food scraps from the kitchen (coffee grinds, rice pulp, and vegetable ends), and unfinished meals from plates.
They utilize both types of waste, as good compost requires more than simply kitchen scraps. The carbon from brown materials such as paper towels, shredded newspaper, and dried leaves helps balance the nitrogen from food waste, preventing the compost from becoming a soupy mess.
Village Compost used to do all of their own composting, but now they send it to Orgaworld Canada, the industrial compost system right here in London, on Wellington Road South.
To work with Village Compost Service, contact Jessica at:


Along with Village Compost, Eco-Logic Farms in London also composts on behalf of PMK.
PMK partner Eco-Logic is also keen on composting. “We do all our own composting,” says Rick Cornelissen, owner and operator, and “our major component of plant nutrition is compost.”
Eco-Logic’s compost pile consists mostly of leaves and organic matter; they do not use any commercial fertilizers, it’s all organic and natural.
They do a lot of planting in raised beds, which helps with water regulation and allows Rick to plant a lot of material in a small area. Eco-Logic has a huge compost pile where people from the community can bring their compostable products. Last spring alone, they deposited 12 dump trucks of compost in the fields at Eco-Logic.


Our system of composting allows us to keep our thumbs green and our carbon footprint down, support local businesses, and treat our environment with utmost respect and care.
Composting is yet another system put into place at PMK that challenges us to do better for the environment each and every day. Adopting these practices at home is easier than ever!
If you compost from home or are interested in starting, then be sure to:

  • Follow Jessica’s helpful tips on mixing green waste and brown waste
  • Bring your compost products to Eco-Logic Farms
  • Get informed and involved by connecting with the Thames Region Ecological Association, a non-profit organization that promotes “awareness of ecological issues and opportunities to its Members and the Community.”

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