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Passionate. Dedicated. Advocate.


Abby McCuaig is an animal rights activist who sees the same liveliness, love, vitality, and yearning in the eyes of pigs as she does in the eyes of her dog.

Abby wakes up at 4:00am on multiple days of the week to bear witness. Her activism gives voice to the voiceless animals on their way to slaughter, which began by her attending a vigil at Fearmans Pork Inc. with the Toronto Pig Save group. Abby says:

“As soon as I saw the impact that even just being there could have, I knew I had to be out there every single opportunity I had.”

Abby has adjusted her life and work to dedicate herself full time to her activism. She travels to educate others on the rights of animals, to build community, and to spread her message to as many people she can reach as possible.

For these reasons, and so many more, Abby is an inspiration and is our first #PMKVeganWarrior.


Abby is active among The Save Movement, a grassroots organization that bears witness to animals on route to slaughter, which has groups around the world—from Canada, to Australia, to the United Kingdom.

Their Facebook page has over 7,900 followers and their website includes everything from recommended animal rights films to online vegan cooking classes and recipes.


Abby’s activism is largely influenced by Jo-Anne McArthur, who is also an animal rights activist as well as a photojournalist.

We Animals, Jo-Anne’s pivotal book that documents animals in human society, has contributed to over 100 campaigns worldwide.

“The objective is to photograph our interactions with animals in such a way that the viewer finds new significance in these ordinary, often unnoticed situations of use, abuse and sharing of spaces.”

Jo-Anne’s website, by the same name, promotes the award-winning documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine, has an excellent and informative blog, and a host of photographs that capture the likeness and kindred, connected spirits of both animals and humans.

#PMKVeganWarrior Campaign

Abby is a warrior—a Vegan Warrior—and we are so proud to share her story as the first of many in our campaign. We encourage all of our friends to join Abby along her vegan journey!

Watch our video and learn more about Abby’s dedication to the movement!

Nominate someone you know who is making strides in the vegan movement to be Plant Matter Kitchen’s next Vegan Warrior by joining the conversation on social media, via the hashtag #PMKVeganWarrior.

Read all about our campaign here!

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