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Scott James is a friend of Plant Matter Kitchen, has been vegan for almost 2 years, and is candid about the experiences that have led him to firmly believe that all living beings deserve love, respect, protection, and dignity.

He is a Vegan Warrior who is using his experiences as inspiration to rise above, teaching the community about the importance of animal justice and respecting everyone’s unique paths toward the transition to veganism.


Scott was introduced to veganism through traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Janette Wayne as a way to help alleviate his mental and physical health ailments. Her recommendation: replace dairy and meat with whole foods such as beans and rice.

Scott’s journey has also been greatly influenced by community organizations such as Animal Liberation Alliance, who identify as “a vegan abolitionist activist group who seek to end speciesism and exploitation of non-humans through social justice and vegan advocacy.” He appreciates the group’s diligent work, saying: “Their approach is very firm and it keeps me in line.”

Our PMK Vegan Warrior Samantha McPherson, from the London Save Movement, is another one of Scott’s main sources of inspiration: “She’s a very strong influence who’s always been there and been supportive of me. I think she sees me quite objectively and I always feel safe and continue to grow in that presence.”

Scott originally got into veganism for personal health, but, as he says: “As I became active in animal rights, I started to develop my values and my voice.” Rooted in animal rights, Scott is keen on progressing the narrative and forwarding the dialogue through outreach, communication, and engagement.


Scott does a lot of his activism in front of Cargill Slaughterhouse in London, Ontario because “years ago, back in the late 90s when it was owned by Cuddy Foods,” says Scott, “I was an employee there.”

Scott details the work he did there, which while very difficult for him to recount, also serves as great inspiration for the incredible work he does today—for himself and for the movement:

“A lot of my advocacy is rooted in guilt shame, learning how to atone, accepting my past actions, knowing the more we talk to people and encourage them to make changes that I’ve already made that change. I couldn’t ask someone to do something that I haven’t done myself, so I feel like that’s where I have strength in the movement and can continue to speak out and help other people identify and make connections.”


Scott is using his past experiences as motivation for the important and impactful work he does today for animal justice and animal rights.

Scott encourages people to join himself and the movement by getting involved through: London Pig Save, London Chicken Save, Western Ontario Vegan Society (WOVS), Fanshawe Vegan Association, and Direct Action Everywhere—the latter of which is involved with disruptions that highlight the impact of people’s choices and animals.

We are thankful for Scott for sharing his experiences with the community and for all the work he does to protect the lives of animals everyday. We congratulate him on his vegan journey, and assure him that he always has the support and friendship of everyone at Plant Matter Kitchen.

Scott James: a PMK Vegan Warrior!


Every month, we take a moment to recognize one of our community’s Vegan Warriors through our PMK VEGAN WARRIOR campaign. Thus far, we’ve been proud to feature Scott James, Samantha McPherson, Debbie Somers, and Abby McCuaig.

Vegan Warriors receive:

  • 10% off EVERY one of their meals at Plant Matter Kitchen
  • A 100$ gift certificate to the eatery
  • A 3-5 minute video that allows them to communicate, plug, and promote their very own vegan message
  • Our sincere admiration and gratitude!

Nominations can be made through social media using the hashtag #PMKVeganWarrior. You’re also welcome to email us, IM us (on Facebook or Instagram), or stop by our eatery in Wortley Village and chat with us, too!

Help us celebrate all those who fight tirelessly for the livelihood of animals. Join the conversation via #PMKVeganWarriors today!

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