Fall Harvest at PMK: Passionate About Pumpkins!

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‘Tis the season of fall colours, comfy scarves, hoodie sweaters, fresh autumn air,
candy apples, pretty chrysanthemums, hearty veggies sprinkled with brown sugar… and

The Healthy, Cucurbitaceae Family

The proverbial siblings of cucumbers and melons, pumpkins are fruits that belong to
the Cucurbitaceae family.

Known more specifically as the Cucurbitaceae Pepo, pumpkins—as we more commonly know
them—are winter squashes that:

  • Harvest at maturity
  • Have consumable seeds
  • Have outer shells that aren’t typically eaten

Pumpkins not only have a fancy name, but they also have superb health benefits

  • Pumpkins are rich in antioxidants—the oranger, the better!
  • Pumpkin seeds are abundant with zinc, vitamin E & healthy oils
  • Pumpkins benefit your vision, skin & immune system

Seasonal Selections: PMK’s Fall Harvest Vlog

Did you know that the Triamble Pumpkin is named after its three sections and that Acorn Squash is also known as Pepper Squash?

According to Rick Cornelissen, Owner & Operator of Eco-Logic Farms, and friend of
PMK, the Sweetie Pie Pumpkin—grown specifically for pies—has “the best flavour of all

The Jamaican Pumpkin is super rich in beta carotene and has consumers hooked after trying it just once!

Check out our PMK Vlog for more from Rick on pumpkins.

National Pumpkin Day!

‘Tis the day of the pumpkin! On October 26th, cucurbitaceae lovers near and far will be celebrating National Pumpkin Day!

More than the perfect canvas for a jack-o’-lantern, pumpkins have nutritional properties, are grown competitively, and are native to North America:

Did you know?

  • Evidence of pumpkin-related seeds traces back to Mexico, around 7000 & 5500
  • “Pumpkin” originates from the Greek word “Pepon”, meaning “large lemon”
  • Pumpkin is recommended for furry, four-legged friends—cats and dogs—who experience digestive ailments
  • In 2012, a 2,009 pound Atlantic Giant pumpkin set the current world record in Rhode Island

Speaking of prodigious pumpkins…

“Orange Crush”, a giant pumpkin weighing 1,910 pounds took top prize at the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-off in California on Monday October 10th, 2016. Requiring
a forklift to transport, this pumpkin sure is something to see! Check out the Global
News video
on this massive autumnal fruit.

PMK’s Local Fall Harvest Feast!

In honour of the harvest season, to which pumpkins offer so much, PMK proudly hosted our first annual Local Fall Harvest Feast!

On Wednesday October 12th, we celebrated a local, organic feast and gave back to our community.

For every $40 meal purchased, PMK donated $10 to a local food bank. The dinner and raffle tickets raised $1,200 and PMK added an additional $300 to donate a
grand total of $1,500 to the London Food Bank.

Prizes were also given away, including PMK hats, PMK t-shirts, and PMK gift certificates, as well as gifts from friends of local London businesses.

The feast included an appetizer, a dessert, a drink, and a main dish of wild rice, savoury sweet potato, and mixed vegetable stuffed squash served with gluten-free
stuffing and mashed potatoes topped with gluten-free mushroom gravy.

We thank everyone who came out to our Local Fall Harvest Feast to support the local food bank, practise gratitude, and enjoy a great, seasonal meal at PMK!

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