Calling All Members of The London Community

Located at 162 Wortley Road, Plant Matter Kitchen is here to engage all members of
the community.

All are welcome, all are appreciated

While apolitical in its own philosophy, the eatery welcomes and engages the vegan
community in all of its efforts, activism, and perspectives. From the radicals to the
yogis, the kitchen is here to cook for you, learn from you, engage in your ideas, and
build lasting relationships with you.

Staff and customers alike recognize that the restaurant is part of a larger movement—
of good food, ethical eating habits, plant-based nutrition, environmental awareness,
lasting health, and more—and are excited to engage with like-minded members of the

So many perspectives, so many views

The team at Plant Matter Kitchen is interested in veganism in all its facets.

Are you new to the movement and attempting veganism through Meatless Mondays? Are you
a long time devotee of animal rights via the Animal Liberation Alliance or PETA? Are
you an environmental advocate and recognize how the farming industry contributes to
environmental destruction? Are you concerned with personal health and follow the
teachings of Rich Roll and others like him?

Whether your philosophies stem from animal rights, the environment, or health—or all
three—Plant Matter Kitchen is interested in the philosophies, practices, and habits
that drove you to veganism, and what continues to sustain this diet in your life.