Slow Food is Better Food: Join The Movement


These 5 words represent Plant Matter Kitchen’s philosophy and how it relates to the
Slow Food Movement.

From their food, to the way they cook, to how they engage the community, Plant Matter
Kitchen proudly adheres to the tenets of this movement by recognizing that fast food
is rarely good food.

When it comes to fostering healthy cooking and eating habits, Plant Matter Kitchen
advocates for long-lasting sustainable change that sees chefs putting more time into
crafting their food and less time rushing to get it prepared and served on time. The
Kitchen’s chefs appreciate the ingredients before them and make sure they’re
connected with all their ingredients before they cook with them.

PMK owners Glenn Whitehead and Melanie Wendt advocate for good food over fast

Glenn says “every time I cook a meal—for my family, the guests in my restaurant, or
even for myself—I stop and take a minute to think about what I’m about to do before I
do it”. The same follows for the chefs at PMK. “I tell the chefs in my kitchen to
never cook when they’re feeling angry or frustrated,” explains Glenn, “because their
emotions will be reflected in the food they prepare.”

Melanie couldn’t agree more. “Being positively in tuned with the food you’re about to
cook or eat makes all the difference,” says Melanie. As manager of the restaurant’s
day-to-day happenings, Melanie sees first-hand how happy PMK customers are with their
meals, and recognizes how that happiness stems from the careful thought and care that
PMK chefs put into each dish.

At Plant Matter Kitchen, chefs and customers alike believe that the more time we
invest in our food, the more we’ll get out of it and the more our health will thank