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Samantha McPherson is a Vegan Warrior. Her admiration, her dedication, and her devotion to veganism proves it.


Samantha became attuned to an animal and environmentally conscious lifestyle in her teen years. A high school teacher taught her about vegetarianism and she was immediately convinced—from that day on, Samantha eliminated animal products from her diet and never looked back.

About four and a half years ago, Samantha took her activism a step further by becoming vegan and learning all about animal cruelty, the horrors of the dairy industry, the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and ways to get involved and invoke change—for animals and humans alike.


Samantha seeks inspiration from vegan idols Anita Krajnc and Jo-Anne McArthur.

Founder of the Toronto Pig Save, Anita was charged with criminal mischief and interference of property in September 2015 for giving water to pigs who were on route to a slaughter house. Anita’s boundless activism inspired Samantha to join The Save Movement, to which she has become a devoted member of.

Jo-Anne’s approach to documenting animals on route to slaughterhouses and animals in zoos struck a chord with Samantha, who also takes photos of animals she bares witness to during her participation with The Save Movement.


The focus of Samantha’s activism is animal justice and animal liberation, through her work with The Save Movement: a world-wide network of animal rights warriors, who gather at slaughterhouses, hold vigils, and bare witness to the animals being taken to slaughter.

Stepping outside her comfort zone, in Summer 2015 Samantha attended a 24 hour vigil hosted by the Toronto Pig Save, where she met an instant family.

“A lot of people tell me that they could never attend a vigil,” says Samantha, “and I thought that once too. But you have to put the animals ahead of yourself and realize how much power you have to help them.” Vigils aren’t easy, but they foster a positive, supportive, and loving community, which makes all the difference.


Protein really isn’t an issue,” Samantha tells us, “as long as you’re eating a balanced diet.” Greens, collards, kale, beans, and rice—there are so many delicious foods out there to choose from and cook with.”

The most interesting ingredient Samantha has come across is nutritional yeast, because it makes everything taste cheesy: “I was a huge dairy cheese lover and now I’m a huge plant-based cheese lover.” And her favourite dish to cook: Buffalo Cauliflower Wings!


Ask questions! Becoming vegan on your own can be a lonely and confusing process, so make sure to reach out to other vegans and join community support groups, so you have people to talk to and ask questions to. “It’s only as hard as you make it,” says Samantha, “there are so many resources and groups out there to join. The support and help is out there, you just need to find it.” The London Chicken Save (LCS) is a great place to start!

Read the ingredients! It’s hard to believe that sometimes foods you might not consider vegan, such as Salt & Vinegar chips, have dairy powder in them.

LCS was founded as a response to Cargill Canada killing 80,000 chickens (under 40 days old) per day, right here in London, Ontario. Check out LCS on Facebook and Instagram to connect with like-minded people dedicated to animal welfare.


Samantha’s story is proof that choosing the vegan lifestyle is about so much more than the food you consume; it’s about the communities you’re a part of, the friendships you build, the animals you fight for and honour, the breadth of information you contribute to, and the way you challenge yourself.

Thank you, Samantha, for doing all you do! You’re an exemplary Vegan Warrior in our eyes, and the eyes of all of those committed to veganism in London and beyond!


Every month, we take a moment to recognize one of our community’s Vegan Warriors through our PMK VEGAN WARRIOR campaign. Thus far, we’ve been proud to feature Samantha McPherson, Debbie Somers, and Abby McCuaig.

Vegan Warriors receive:

  • 10% off EVERY one of their meals at Plant Matter Kitchen
  • A 100$ gift certificate to the eatery
  • A 3-5 minute video that’ll allow them to communicate, plug, and promote their very own vegan message
  • Our sincere admiration and gratitude!

Nominations can be made through social media using the hashtag #PMKVeganWarrior. You’re also welcome to email us, IM us (on Facebook or Instagram), or stop by our eatery in Wortley Village and chat with us, too!

Help us celebrate all those who fight tirelessly for the livelihood of animals. Join the conversation via #PMKVeganWarriors today!

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