An Evening With Dr. Will Tuttle at PMK

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Plant Matter Kitchen very proudly hosted an evening with Dr. Will Tuttle on September 11th, 2016.

Dr. Tuttle is an award-winning author, advocate, activist, spiritualist, vegan, educator, speaker, and musician. His multi-faceted work demonstrates his sincere compassion and justice for people and animals alike.

AUTHOR Dr. Tuttle is an award-winning author of the best-selling book The World Peace Diet, which has been published in 16 languages. Dr. Tuttle told PMK that his book is “focused on helping us understand that the only reason any of us are eating animal foods is because we’re following orders that were essentially injected into us from the time we were little infants and they’re not in our best interests.”

ADVOCATE & ACTIVIST Dr. Tuttle is a social justice advocate who has been practicing veganism since 1980 and is the recipient of The Peace Abbey’s distinguished Courage of Conscience Award. On Sunday night, Dr. Tuttle said if we want to create a world of peace and harmony, and health and justice, that how we treat other beings matters.

SPIRITUALIST A Dharma Master in the Zen tradition, Dr. Tuttle’s advocacy and activism is linked to his spirituality and his dedication to planetary awakening through spiritual education.

VEGAN After practicing vegetarianism for 5 years, Dr. Tuttle became a vegan and never looked back. He told PMK that the motivation behind his lifestyle change was because he became “aware of the routine abuse of dairy cows and hens for dairy products and eggs.”

EDUCATOR Teacher of over 20 courses at the college level, Dr. Tuttle earned his PhD in Education from University of California Berkeley and has been often recognized for his academic achievements.

SPEAKER Dr. Tuttle has spoken to people all around the world through workshops, lectures, and Sunday morning messages where he’s shared his philosophies and perspectives on vegan living, having compassion, and promoting peace. Of all the many places he’s spoken at around the world, we are so fortunate and thankful to have had Dr. Tuttle speak to us at PMK.

MUSICIAN An acclaimed pianist, recording artist, and composer, Dr. Tuttle uses his music as a transformational vehicle of consciousness.


We are ever grateful to have had the opportunity to host Dr. Tuttle at PMK and learn so much from his teachings, advice, philosophies, and inspirations.

Many thanks to Dr. Will Tuttle for visiting us in Wortley Village and to everyone who joined us on Sunday.

If you weren’t able to attend the talk, check out our video of event.

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