Mangia, Mangia! Mondays are for Pasta at PMK

PMK POST Mangia, Mangia! Mondays are for Pasta at PMK October 17, 2016 Plant Matter Kitchen Passionate vegans. Pathfinders of pure foods. Health conscious. Creative at heart andin taste.Glenn Whitehead and Melanie Wandt, business partners and co-founders of PMK, bringmuch of what they cook at home into their restaurant on a daily basis.PMK guests are served only the best food.Melanie and Glenn agree that they only serve their guests what they serve theirloved ones; if there’s anything they wouldn't serve their family, they wouldn’tserve it at Plant Matter Kitchen.Glenn, Melanie, and their team collaborate day-in and day-out, crafting new recipesand tasty concoctions sure to please their guests.Monday’s Special: Pasta!Every Monday, PMK serves up unique pasta dishes featuring different noodles, sauces,and flavours.Some of the Monday pasta features include:Butternut Squash Ravioli…
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