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VegFest revels in growing vegan debate

Glenn Whitehead was moved to open his Plant Matter Kitchen restaurant after taking in last year’s VegFest London festival and seeing the opportunities available for offering locally sourced, cruelty-free food.

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London’s Restaurant Business is Jumping

London’s downtown restaurant scene is being revamped with one new eatery, two renovations and another one on the way. Plant Matter Kitchen, a vegan/organic restaurant, has been popular since it opened in Wortley Village last year with frequent lineups.

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A Values-Driven Business

“Wellness is a holistic endeavour: healthy living isn’t just about consuming the right foods, it’s about supporting the community and about giving back. It’s about values-driven actions and making doing good part of the business and the culture,” says Glenn Whitehead, co-founder of Plant Matter Kitchen.

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Serving More Than Food

With over a year of operations, vegan restaurant Plant Matter Kitchen in Wortley Village serves more than simply organic, healthy, plant-based meals to the London community: its monthly “Dinner For a Cause” prix fixe charity dinners raise funds and awareness for important causes.

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Toronto Vegetarian

Toronto Vegetarian Association

Beyond serving plant-based meals to diners, PMK dishes up community support through charity dinners, social justice promotion, and by operating as a local hub promoting sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly business and food practices.

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Happy Cow


A plant-based restaurant and juice bar whose kitchen uses a whole food focus to create fusion meals which are vegan and organic. Features rotating dinner specials plus vegan doughnuts on the weekends.

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London Calling

London Calling Community-oriented restaurant Plant Matter Kitchen brings together local businesses and a return to home cooking to create the most wholesome vegan food that the other London—London, Ontario—has to offer.

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Tourist Inspiration

Plant Matter Kitchen

A plant-based restaurant and juice bar, Plant Matter Kitchen serves fresh, organic, and delicious meals that are ethically sourced and mindfully prepared.

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Eat Magazine

The Annual eatdrink Gift Guide

Help your favourite vegan (or non-vegan!) celebrate the holidays in style with vegan-friendly swag from Plant Matter Kitchen. Featuring offbeat food-focused slogans, PMK’s Canadian-made t-shirt line features an organic bamboo-rayon-cotton blend.

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Justin Lauren

Vegan Dining in London Ontario

I’m so thrilled that the vegan food scene is alive and thriving in London, Ontario. Plant Matter Kitchen, a plant-based restaurant and juice bar, offers healthy and hearty vegan cuisine that both vegetarians and meat-eaters will adore.

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Farm to Fork

In fact, Western students have probably experienced the movement without realizing it. Terms like “plant-based,” “organic” and “farm to fork” are all tied to the movement and are popping up on more menus and signs every day.

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Dream Magazine


I must begin this review with two admissions. The first is that I am not a Vegan eater. The second is that this is only the second vegan restaurant I have eaten at. I thought Plant Matter Kitchen in London Ontario was my first vegan restaurant until one of my readers reminded me of a restaurant review I wrote…

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Plant Matter Kitchen Grand Opening

Plant Matter Kitchen, at 162 Wortley Rd, in Wortley Village recently celebrated their grand opening. Offering a vegan menu with a focus on local ingredients, Plant Matter Kitchen is one of Londons healthiest food choice. Check them out for your next lunch or dinner experience.

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The Londoner

Plant Matter Kitchen celebrates grand opening

Growing up on a farm in the Peterborough area, local restaurateur Glenn Whitehead had a head start on the budding movement towards local, organic food and for the past 30 years, his diet has been focused on completely plant-based meals.

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London Economic Development Corporation

New Vegan Eatery Opens in Wortley Village

Wortley Village has recently welcomed its newest plant­based restaurant and juice bar to the community. From revamped familiar favourites to global flavours, Plant Matter Kitchen serves, organic, delicious, plant­based meals—the kind of food you serve your families.

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Living London Ontario

Vegan Eatery in Wortley Village

As a passionate vegan and pathfinder of pure foods, Plant Matter Kitchen founder Glenn Whitehead has always found the best vegan cuisine to be cooked up in his own kitchen–both at home and in business.

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Vegan restaurant coming to London

“The three of us are all very passionate about food and cooking and have pursued a life of good quality cooking, great delicious tasting food and pure natural ingredients. It was a match made quite nicely for us. We are all basically foodies you could say,” Whitehead said.

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